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Join The First Perinatal Focused Chiropractic Franchise

Join The First Perinatal Focused Chiropractic Franchise

What Makes BirthCo. Clinics Unique? 


At BirthCo. moms and babies are our jam (but yes, we do see men too)! We offer prenatal, postnatal, pediatric, + family chiropractic. 



Our flagship rehab program, Defeat Diastasis, is the first of it's kind. Our program helps heal core and pelvic floor dysfunction 3x - 4x times faster. 



Our massages our for anyone but we also offer specialized massages tailored towards helping our perinatal patients thrive.


Functional Nutrition

Our functional nutrition programs help to balance hormones and improve overall functioning.


Why Invest In A Perinatal Chiropractic Franchise? 

We believe that investing in a perinatal chiropractic franchise is a no brainer!
The perinatal period is a significant time for expectant mothers and their families, this creates a consistent demand for specialized services.

By becoming a part of a franchise, you gain access to proven business models, established branding, and ongoing support that can help you succeed faster and unlock larger growth potential.



Why BirthCo.? 

Niche Programs

Our chiropractic, rehab, massage, and functional nutrition programs are designed with the needs of the prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric clientele in mind.


Multiple Streams Of Revenue

The BirthCo. model comes with multiple streams of income to quickly increase revenue and create a system that is not solely dependant on the Chiropractor.


Cost Effective Operating

Our offices are specifically designed to function efficiently in space, accommodating 3 to 4 staff members at the start of operations.

Easily Scalable

BirthCo. offices are easily scalable and poise for both internal and external growth. Corporate BirthCo. offices grew from one to three clinics in less than three years.

Effortless Operations Implimentation

When  you start a BirthCo. franchise your systems are set up for you and your operations are mapped out to make implementation seamless. 

Clinical Training and Support

When you open your doors on day 1 we will make sure you feel competent with interacting and treating this patient population by providing specialized clinical education and ongoing support.

Hands On Business Coaching 

BirthCo. corporate provides business coaching for all aspects of the business including back end operations, marketing, day to day operating, hiring and staff training, implementation of systems and more.

A Clinical Model With Work/Life Balance In Mind

At BirthCo. we love our patients but we also recognize the importance of life outside of work. We've thought about hours of operation, family friendly environment, maternity leaves, vacation, and so much more when designing our model of business.

Interested in joining BirthCo. franchises? 


About The Founder

After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College in 2015, Dr. Melot entered private practice and has accumulated eight years of experience in perinatal chiropractic. In 2021, she introduced her "defeat diastasis" program and subsequently established the BirthCo. Chiropractic & Wellness center in Austin, TX. Witnessing steady growth, Dr. Melot went on to expand her operations by opening two additional practices in the Austin region over the following two years.

In an effort to expand its reach and support more families, Dr. Melot introduced BirthCo. franchise centers in 2023. These centers aim to mentor aspiring chiropractors in opening successful perinatal practices using the BirthCo. model.


New Chiropractor Development Program

We provide a unique development program exclusively for a limited number of new Chiropractors. This program follows a "work to own" approach, allowing participants to acquire a BirthCo. clinic. As part of the program, Chiropractors receive comprehensive training and mentorship at our corporate locations to prepare them for clinic ownership as well as subsidized financing if needed.

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