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New Chiropractor
Development Project

The purpose of the new chiropractor development program is support motivated and entrepreneurial spirited new chiropractors that may not have the training or resources to open their own clinic. The BirthCo. student development program takes a student from an internship to a job at corporate clinic, to clinic ownership. This process is uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each individual person enrolled in the program.



*We can only accept a limited number of students into this program each year. It is extremely competitive. ​

  • Must Intern at a BirthCo. corporate clinic. 

  • Must complete the application and interview process

  • Must be professional, extremely motivated, and a team player 

  • Must have good adjusting and communication skills 

Things we look for in applicants:

  • High work ethic, positive attitude, motivated

  • Has a clear picture of what they want for the future

  • Is willing to be a team player and learn as much as possible

  • Appears clean, professional, and mature

  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit

Request An Application

Thanks for submitting! We will send an application over within 5 - 7 business days.

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