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Our Flagship Program

Defeat Diastasis®


The Defeat Diastasis® rehabilitation program was developed by Dr. Katherine Melot in an effort to help her postpartum patients heal more efficiently. By pairing NeuX technology with traditional rehabilitative exercises, Dr. Melot found that her patients improved significantly faster and more effectively. Since inception, the program has significantly grown in Austin, TX in Dr. Melot's private practice.  


Benefits Of Defeat Diastasis Programming For The BirthCo. Franchisee

  • Additional revenue source that your patients already want and need! 

  • A revenue source that doesn't have to be dependent on the lead chiropractor (aka you can still have revenue flowing while lead doc is on vacation)

  • Stand out from other perinatal chiropractors in your area

Our Defeat Diastasis® rehabilitation program is not only for the core but it also can help relieve pelvic floor symptoms. Patients report improvements with urinary incontinence, prolapse, and pain with intercourse. Our program strengthens, coordinates, and activates the pelvic floor with unprecedented results.

Pelvic Floor Benefits 

Our Technology

Our Defeat Diastasis®  program is powered by NeuX technology

A unique summing of two waveforms, interactive neuromuscular stimulation is the combination of a high frequency alternating current waveform and a lower frequency pulsed direct current waveform. The outcome is a much smoother, more refined stimulus that is more effective than devices that use only a pulsed direct current. 

INS allows the client to search the body and identify not only the area of known dysfunction, but also the undetected dysfunctional tissue. It is imperative that the root cause be located in order to achieve successful rehabilitation, and INS does just that: the technology innervates muscle tissue in the area of dysfunction and the individual muscle at the root cause of the pain can be identified.

‍The NeuX treatment requires the INS stimulus to be applied to the dysfunctional tissue sites as the patient simultaneously performs the appropriate movement pattern, using the proper mechanics. The patient benefits from the traditional outcomes of physical therapy, which include muscle strengthening, increased range of motion and motor learning; however, with Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation, better results are achieved exponentially faster and with longer lasting effects.

About The Program

Defeat Diastasis® is an 8-week full body exercise program using NeuX technology's direct electrical current stimulation machine, which is proven to cut healing time in HALF.  NeuX is a new technology that is paired with a high frequency current and a low stimulus which creates a stable and direct electrical current that is able to penetrate deeply into the musculature compared to the typical crunches or planks often used during core exercises. This current is then paired with proper functional movements during core exercises that slowly ease you into more advanced moves along the way. These movements will not only help improve core activation, but will contribute to full body strengthening as well. Our goal is to make your everyday activities easier (lifting kids, picking up laundry baskets, or doing dishes to name a few) and prevent injuries from occurring in the future. 

The program consists of 16 or 24 sessions - each session is 50 minutes of one-on-one training

(Number of sessions will vary, depending on the severity of the separation) 

16 sessions = 2x/week

24 sessions = 3x/week

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